Katelyn Clark

Grant is truly one of a kind. He is patient and strategic. He has a unique way to get through to the kids seamlessly. He truly cares about individual development. The growth with my athlete in one season has been astronomical. His experience and knowledge in hockey is admirable and his passion for the game is unlike any other. He is the true definition of role model. We will continue to choose Grant and the Selects season after season.

Bobby Johnsen

Coach John and Coach Grant have by far exceeded every expectation set forth. The strides in development I see from my son has been incredible to watch. I couldn’t see my son playing for anyone else.

Betsy Turcotte

Great coaching not only builds on player development but guides them in all aspects of life. We feel very fortunate to have such a positive influence for our 3 hockey players. We are looking forward to many more seasons with Grant behind the bench.

Shaun & Liz Reilly

We could not ask for anything more from the NH Selects Program and Staff. We came to the NH Selects because we believed in their vision and their focus on player development. The coaching and training is absolutely the best out there and the mentorship they give these players is unmatched. In just one year of NH Select Coaching and PEP Training, the improvement of the players have surpassed our expectations. We have experienced a variety of coaching styles across different sports with our children. What we found with the NH Selects is what all these other programs and sports are missing. It does not matter the age difference between the players, they all respect and encourage one another on and off the ice, and that is a true testament to this organization and their leadership.

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