PEP Center of Excellence

Full and Split Season Teams

The PEP Center of Excellence is the Ultimate destination for player development. All Players receive PEP training twice per week during the regular season and an off-ice program which includes the R.C.T home trainer with 20 videos.

This performance proven development program will separate our players from the competition through the exclusive use of patent protected training equipment and a trademark protected training curriculum. (Reactive Countering Training™ and Reactive Linear Crossover Training™).

To top off this exceptional training model video sessions are conducted by top skills instructors including Joe and Nick Quinn to all COE and Academy students.

PEP has consistently developed players from grass roots to the CHL, NCAA and NHL annually - the largest numbers by any training company in the hockey world.


Parents are demanding more flexible, specialized training and more value for education and hockey development dollars.

On-line academic platforms such as VLAC's (Free to NH Residents) can be combined with the PEP hockey Academy to produce the most Flexible, fully accredited, NCAA-approved, and teacher supported development model.  

The PEP Academy will help all student/players with their pursuit of academic and hockey excellence, without the high cost of private academies. 

The PEP Academy supports morning ice before school, after school or during the day (academic component) for up to 25 skaters per group.


We know player advancement comes from repetitive skills development and has perfected the long-term developmental blueprint for player advancement. 

The PEP Elite Spring program combines the Academy model with Spring and Summer Hockey. We provide a strong balance of competitive tournament games, on-ice player development and the R.C.T. home trainer, offering players the ability to enhance their development at a much faster rate and make the most of their time in the off season.


To serve the demand of the PEP training in the U.S., Canada and Europe, our network runs over 1000 camps annually. Parents are demanding more specialized, performance proven development for their dollars.

When players experience the PEP training, there is no going back to old training methods. Teaching Skills NOT Drills is the focus with our patented gear and unique training concepts. Power Edge Pro training is more than a world class hockey development program but an experience only found at PEP hockey.

This time and space training environment offers 5 times the repetitions of a standard drill-based practice. Players are moving, having fun, and working on their skills to develop “Higher Response Time,” “Faster Decision Time” and “Quicker Movement Speed “through high speed, high traffic


The PEP high performance Development Sessions are staples across Canada and the U.S. These 4–8 week, 1 hour trainings are in high demand for players who want to push their skill development to the next level. These sessions are offered in and out of season to those who want to achieve more.


The NH PEP CEO has the ability to suggest players for invite to these National Top Prospect and Pro Camps.

Each year 24 of hockey’s most elite players and rising stars are invited to the PEP Top Prospects Camps in the U.S and Canada. The majority of the Top Prospects are PEP trained and selected from PEP Elite regional teams.

PEP trained players who have attended these Top Prospects Camps have been featured in, Sports Illustrated, TSN, Sportsnet, The Athletic and The Hockey News.


Coming soon to the NH PEP COE.

The PEP Intelligent Reactive Countering™ Training (R.C.T) gear is a major advancement in hockey testing. Elite players don’t just move from point A to point B with speed. They create space with speed and manage the inches between two points while under pressure. These new testing methods will help quantify those inches, empowering coaches, players, and scouts with the data they need to predict player performance at the highest levels.

No hockey company in the world has the testing capabilities like the Intelligent R.C.T. Gear. Coming soon to a rink near you.

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